Colour LogicTM

Colour Five is a Mirri partner and one of the first companies in the UK to be licensed to use the Color LogicTM software.

Printing on foiled board or clear plastics requires not only 4 colour UV inks and UV varnish but also a white plate to highlight areas that would otherwise look transparent when printed with 4 colour inks alone.

Traditionally the white plate was made by drawing a clipping path, filled with a solid or tint of white. This manual process was both time consuming and limited as to the final affects that could be achieved.

Now, working with Colour Logic software, Colour Five can generate multi-level white layers that dramatically boost the effect of the images printing on top of the white. Color Logic software "reads" the image, chooses areas that need a white ink behind them and then automatically cuts masks, adds layers and other effects to the white plate. Our studio staff then take this layer and manipulate it further to give the very best results possible on Mirri or plastic.

Using Color Logic software we can create sophisticated multi-level whites for your next project, and what's more we offer this service free of charge to all our customers. Simply supply a PDF of your image and we will do the rest.

Case Study: Disney Avengers

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