Ghostbusters clear/reveal cover for EMPIRE

The June issue of Empire magazine features a special front cover overlay printed on clear PVC - printed using UV inks and varnishes at Colour Five. The design worked as an overlay for the printed cover underneath.

2 million inserts in 7 titles!

Working with leading fragrance brands such as Marc Jacobs and Chloe, Colour Five uses it's unique print and in-line UV varnish to produce short and long run inserts for leading titles. For added luxe appeal we apply all over high gloss varnish or for extra impact inserts can be soft-touch or spot-gloss varnished - all applied in-line with our print for maximum speed and cost efficiency...

Promotional & retail stationery

Whether it's a film tie-in, licensed merchandise or fashion stationery for retail we can help with your stationery production it perfect bound, wire-o or spiral, A4, A5 or A6, we produce at low minimum orders and with quick turnarounds every week for brands and publishers, big and small alike.

A high impact section break was printed and bound in to full size and compact editions of Marie Claire magazine. Produced on clear PVC, the design worked as an overlay for the printed advertisement underneath.

A range of pantone colours, matched to the product packing and an extra opaque white were printed using UV litho inks, with all the printed areas sealed with a matt UV varnish to protect them, whilst retaining the clarity of the clear, unprinted areas. The job was printed in one pass on Colour Five's B1, UV litho Heidelberg press.

New guide to UV litho on plastic & Mirri

A new guide to UV litho print on a range of plastics and Mirri was sent out with issues of Print Week magazine.

Featuring samples on polyprop, self-cling & self-adhesive, PVC and Mirri the guide should be useful for specifying and sourcing print for a wide range of applications including POS, display & packaging. If you would like to receive a copy please email us.

Working with leading fragrance brand Marc Jacobs, Colour Five printed an insert in this month's issue of Vogue magazine.

Printed on board, the section break was supplied to the web printer to be bound in. One side was printed in 4 colour with an overall gloss UV varnish applied in-line, the reverse was printed with a soft touch matt lamination with a spot UV varnish applied in-line.

The job fully exploited the advantages of UV litho-

  • Deadlines were very tight and as our UV print and varnish is dried in line, we were able to cut and despatch the job as soon as it left the end of the press.
  • The in-line application of spot matt and gloss varnishes adds creative impact to the print, whilst one pass production is economical in both cost and time.

Uncoated      UV litho

It seems that uncoated papers are the material of choice for many designers and publishers at the moment. Several recent, high profile jobs printed by Colour Five have used uncoated stock. London Transport Museum's beautifully designed exhibition guide for the Association of Illustrators used the advantages of UV inks on uncoated for a punchy solid Pantone on the front cover, with an interesting die cut aperture.

Equally impressive are recent tour programmes printed for Gary Barlow, Ultravox and Emilie Sande - all printed to tight deadlines and stitched or perfect bound straight off the end of the press - using UV inks and drying to their best advantage to give clean, crisp results, printed & UV dried on to uncoated materials.

Getting technical...why print uncoated with UV litho?

When printing on uncoated materials, UV litho dries each process colour as it is printed, so inks are applied wet on dry rather than wet on wet as they would be with conventional litho. This helps to reduce the amount of dot gain as each colour in the printing sequence is dry and cannot transfer on to the following blankets. As a UV litho printed job is completely dry as it leaves the press there is no risk of set off or rub when finishing - really important for the best finished results from stitched or perfect bound books where if the sheets were not completely dry, as they pass through rollers ink could rub or transfer to unprinted areas

Equally important is the print result: bright punchy colours, achieved by the ink being dried on to the surface of the material as opposed to conventional litho where a lot of the depth of colour is lost due to the absorption of the inks into the material as it dries through oxidisation.

"Print & Reveal" launch

Working for the Telegraph Group, Colour Five and Celloglas have launched a unique print effect, used by Kia on the Saturday Telegraph Magazine cover.

The advertisement featured a scratch off silver latex panel on the back cover, over which Colour Five printed text and images in 4 colour UV litho inks with a white UV ink underneath.

The effect works with the by-line of “Scratch the Clichés”, increasing the dwell time and interaction with the advertisement and effectively doubling the advertiser's print space - when the panel is removed there is another message underneath.

Wallpaper Magazine

The February issue of Wallpaper magazine featured a special front cover for the Wallpaper Design Awards 2012 printed on silver Mirri board, whilst the back cover featured a Hugo Boss advertisement. The file was worked on using Color Logic software to create a multi- dimensional white plate for maximum impact.

Shine on!

Featuring in several titles including Good Housekeeping, Easy Living, Delicious and Woman & Home, the latest advertisement for Finish Quantum is printed on silver Mirripak card. Colour Five created a multi-level white ink plate printing under the 4 colour UV ink to maximise the contrast between the metallic surface of the Mirri and the printed image.

The advertisement included the line 'Our best shine ever' and we have to agree!

Moving update...

The installation of a new UV litho, B1 Heidelberg printing machine is well under way, the first job will be rolling off the press on Monday 14th September 2011.

Colour Five's address from 19th September 2011:

Units 1 & 2, Wadsworth Close, Perivale UB6 7JF
Tel: 020 8799 6330
Fax: 020 8799 6340
Email :

Countdown to the big move...

The same hole being filled with concrete... just 5 days until it is dry enough to start the installation.

The new UV litho, B1 Heidelberg press arriving on five articulated lorries

It's all go with the move to new premises (just a few miles away) and the installation of a new UV litho printing machine.

The new factory and machine will be ready and up and running mid to end September. Our current site will stay in operation until we are settled in to the new factory to ensure a smooth changeover an uninterrupted service. The new location is well close to the A40 in and out of London, with lots of space to organise an efficient workflow, and room for growth.

The move and machine purchase represent an investment of close to £1 million, all aimed at growing our capacity and service in the UV litho printing sector.

In preparation for the installation of the new B1 UV litho printing machine, a solid concrete plinth 1m deep and 10m long has been dug and filled. It will take 5 days to dry and then the installation starts...

Digging big holes!

Digging the trench that will be filled with a concrete plinth under our new UV litho, B1 Heidelberg press

Colour Five & Color-LogicTM present
multi-level whites for print on mirri

Printing your next job on a foiled board is bound to give you stunning results - that's why we specify and print on Mirri for a wide range of quality printing including home entertainment, fragrance and luxury packaging, magazine and brochure covers, invitations, marketing pieces...

Printing on foiled board requires UV inks and varnishes and a white plate to highlight areas that would otherwise look transparent when printed with 4 colour inks alone.

Until now the white plate was made by drawing a clipping path, filled with a solid or tint of white.

Now, working with Color-LogicTM software, Colour Five can generate multi-level white layers that dramatically boost the foiled effect of the images printing on top of the white. The software "reads" the image, automatically cutting masks, adding layers and other effects.

The result is often surprising, always visually stunning, producing the best results possible from printing a 4 colour and white image on to foiled board.

For more information please contact
or call 020 8733 9800

Colour Five have printed mirri covers for Esquire and Empire magazines. A number of DVD box set covers have also been printed such as Back to the Future and Battlestar: Galactica

Case Study:
Disney Avengers

Using Color-LogicTM software Colour Five recently printed a range of postcards featuring the Marvel Avengers characters for Disney XD.

Color-LogicTM software was used to create a multi-dimensional, layered white plate to print behind the 4 colour image on to silver Mirri-pak.

A conventional white plate and a Color-Logic™ generated white plate shown side by side.

Using Color-LogicTM software we can create sophisticated multi-level whites for your next project. Simply supply a PDF of your image and we will do the rest.

One of the Marvel Avengers postcards printed at Colour Five using Color-Logic™ software

Colour Five

Colour Five is a B1, UV printer based in west London.

UV inks and varnishes are printed on a wide range of substrates: foiled boards such as Mirri, as well as plastics, paper and board.

  • 10 years' experience printing on Mirri, for the home entertainment, publishing and packaging markets
  • Recent projects include Mirri covers for Empire and Esquire magazines, inserts for Marie Claire printed on clear PVC
  • DVD and CD packaging including O-rings and slip cases printed on Mirri, plastic or board
  • Colour Five is a Mirri partner and one of the first companies in the UK to be licensed to use the Color-LogicTM software

For more information please contact
or call 020 8733 9800

Colour Five printed hundreds of thousands of postcards, together with posters and six sheets for the launch of Shrek, The Final Chapter.

Unilever/Ariel "lift off" - Colour Five printed in 4 colour + white UV inks, on clear PVC, bound into the magazine to produce a unique creative.

Lift off featured inside the April Issues of Marie Claire and Woman Home magazines

Empire Magazine produced 10 versions of the special edition covers, each featuring a different film star.

Colour Five worked closely with the publisher on all aspects of the job, from repro to finishing and delivery to the magazine printer. Silver Mirri was supplied by Celloglas.

Working in partnership with Celloglas, who supplied Mirricard for the job, Colour Five have printed two special edition covers of Printing World.

The seasonal image was selected by the magazine. A selective white mask was added to the image in Photoshop. The job was then printed in one pass on our B1 Heidelberg Speedmaster 102, using 4 colour UV cure inks over a white UV cure ink. A high gloss UV varnish was applied in-line.

Colour Five Ltd  Units 1 & 2 Wadsworth Close  Perivale  UB6 7JF

Telephone: 020 8799 6330  Fax: 020 8799 6340