Rough Smooth

A new varnish effect recently launched by Colour Five

The result is a raised, textured finish which can be applied anywhere on the printed sheet, and for maximum efficiency, and close registration, it is applied in-line with the print as a one pass process.

The effect is achieved by printing a base varnish in the "rough" area using a printing plate on the final unit of the machine. The dedicated UV varnish unit is then used to apply a second varnish over the base varnish. In the areas where one varnish is applied over another a reaction, known as reticulation, occurs. Reticulated varnish is often the bane of printers' lives, but to exaggerate this effect we use two varnishes with the maximum reaction against each other.

The textured finish gives a unique coarseness to the touch, and has been used for high end magazine, brochure and book covers. The ability to apply the varnish as a spot effect offers creative opportunities on packaging and marketing for highlighting textures on products and pack shots.

Please contact Colour Five for samples and specification.

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