UV print on plastics

Printed plastic is versatile, durable and flexible and is widely used for point of sale items such as stickers and wobblers as well as for packaging, and display and promotional items like folders and wallets.

Fade and water resistant, UV litho printed plastic is used for outdoor display, including horticultural print such as plant tags.

Polyprop and PVC or PET/GAG are most frequently specified, either clear or white, as economical, flexible materials. Stickers and banners can be specified on clear or white self-adhesive vinyl, whilst self cling offers repositionable display for window decals.

Colour Five print exclusively with UV litho inks (including a white ink for print on clear materials) on to any type of plastic, up to B1 size and 1mm thickness, applying an in-line gloss or matt UV varnish to all print on plastic to increase durability.

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